Blooming Where Planted


Blooming Where Planted was the very first story i ever told. Before social media provided this amazing outlet, i wrote this story to help show the world that these struggles do happen. That it isn’t something to be ashamed of either. That parents don’t realize whats happening to their kids because they believe that these challenges simply aren’t something “my child would do.” Hundreds of readers explored this first story and i know that there is so much more good that it can do. I used to dream of seeing my work on bookshelves. Now I dream of watching my work change the world. Or at least help the people in it feel a little closer to comfortable.Blooming Where Planted takes its readers along the winding path of a troubled teenager, his mother the a bargaining enabler, and an alcoholic layabout who constantly brags of sobriety. The nameless “family” battle amongst each other while each takes their turn(s) respectively, with drug abuse, alcoholism, mental disease, self-mutilation, death, sex, divorce and a slew of denial-based love lives. the “boy” turns hatred and anxiety inward, until only secretive self-destruction makes his life bearable. Eerily representative of the status quo. This novel proves that a teen with an addiction can be more than just a statistic, that parents can be just a screwed up as their children, and that basically, when life has it in for you, don’t hesitate to fire back. Check it out for yourself at your local Barnes & Noble Bookseller, if you’re local to the Treasure Coast of Florida you can find it at Poetic Justice and no matter where you go, if they don’t have it, Demand It!! Or buy it online through Barnes&Noble or Amazon.

Editorial Reviews for Blooming Where Planted

“From the opening page Sculnick weaves words together that both flow and elicit thinking about great issues of the human heart. Issues such as the character of God, choice, running from pain, surviving pain, and hoping for something different are all explored in Sculnick’s first published work.  To say I enjoyed the book would be to glibbly voyeristic. I would rather say I was moved by Blooming Where Planted. The story becomes more moving when you resurface from its journey to remember it’s story finds roots in a person’s real life. No one should have to experience the pain portrayed in this work. If one has, this is a story of hope that pain is survivable. If one has had a different experience in life, this book is a moving tale of a boy’s desire to overcome the hurt that only human beings can inflict on themselves by their own choices or the choices of others. I kept saying to the main character, “You can make it boy! Don’t give up! I highly recommend Blooming Where Planted. It will affect you.”
–Dave Eppling; Former Chief of Staff to the President and Coordinator of Doctoral Students; Liberty Theological Seminary

“The strength of Blooming Where Planted is its demonstration that (anyone) can maintain two very different outward images.”
–Todd Mercer, Clarion Reviews

“Adam’s story is moving and will touch your heart. The more deeply you delve into his book, the more you realize that this could be the foundation to help others who may not know where to turn. I considered (Blooming Where Planted) more than a story or an autobiography, I considered it a how-to book on how to turn your life around when you don’t know which way to begin turning.”
–Ed Banker, Host-Intelligent Radio AM 1460 WZNZ Jacksonville, FL