If there’s one thing I can say for sure about myself it is this: Beginnings are my favorite part of any story. You’re at the beginning of a journey right now as you’re reading this. And from here there are many options. I’ve merged my two biggest passions into one website and the direction you go from here depends very much on why you’ve found yourself here in the first place.

If you’ve arrived looking for my Blog, you can begin to explore BecomingAdamSculnick and learn more about its mission and while you’re here, I encourage you to click the Follow link so you can discover new stories as they arrive on the scene.

If you’re here to learn more about my work as Public Speaker let me begin by saying, it is  the journey I’ve taken up until this point, a journey I believe in being completely transparent about (hence the blog), that has allowed me to become the man I am and has provided me the inspiration needed to help support, motivate and grow the collective community around me. Below you can see some of the testimonials from people who’ve embraced the opportunity to take control of their lives, write their own narrative and see their world through a lens of positivity.

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Adam’s presentation started off with a bang and the high energy in the room never dropped!  I was very impressed with the way he brought  everyone in the room into the discussion. It was an uplifting, eye opening and completely positive experience!  Not the same old lecture style presentation, it was fresh and FUN!

Randi McCarthy. CEO; Wicked Good Oils

Adam recently came to our office and really did a great job of motivating our crew. Great presentation, great stories and great interraction. We definitely plan to bring him back!

Karen McCarthy, Owner; Glades Gas & Electric Co.